VIDEO: Whoopi SLAMS Ivanka, Doesn’t Realize What’s in Store Moments Later

Ivanka Trump, beautiful daughter of President Donald Trump, yet again verbally attacked by the liberal part of Hollywood.

Recently, on “The View” Ivanka was attacked by Whoopi Goldberg and her colleagues about her role in the White House.

As we know Whoopi has shown to be an anti-Trump person and now she is after his daughter. Not a smart choice Whoopi

Not long ago Ivanka told us her opinion on what “complicit” is, after being called “complicit” in President Trump’s decisions. A lot of hateful and negative comments were aimed at Ivanka on “The View” by Whoopi and her

They are strongly implying that Ivanka never expresses her opinion and her political intentions. “I think the implication is that she has her father’s ear and she may be doing things behind the White House doors that we’re not knowledgeable about,” said Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View”. (video below)

Whoopi added: “Well, she must be whispering, because he doesn’t seem to be listening.” They then continued on to say that she has no place in the White House. They say that just because they voted for Donald Trump they shouldn’t get the whole Trump pack with him. Thousands of Trump supporters stood up for Ivanka and showed “The View” cast that they’re statements are totally idiotic.

Twitter was flooded by criticizing tweets about Whoopi and her friends, exposing them for the jealous, rude and hypocritical women they are!
Ivanka Trump is patriotic and multitalented person.

All these hateful comments of women show us and Ivanka that is far higher level than they are. Donald Trump has not broken any laws by allowing Ivanka to take this position.

She is a smart and successful person making her a perfect fit for advocating women’s issues in the White House.

The fact is that the Trumps are making America move forward and forward only, and for that I salute them.


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