This Video Of A Little Girl Attacking Trump Is Going Viral, Do You See The Problem With?

Trump impersonator Anthony Atemanuik is a Trump trickster.

The liberal media is currently using him to attack a young lady as a part of a replacement show on Comedy Central.

It’s known as “The President Show.”

The video has currently been watched over 250,000 times on Twitter, according to Daily Mail. this is sick, however many folks are hailing the young lady as a hero for telling a Donald impersonator: “You’re a disgrace to the planet.”

Liberals are using kids to attack our President. It’s honestly quite wicked and fully abuse.

Look what they’re spreading everywhere on social media. This needs to create every-single Trump supporter a bit mad.

Atamaniuk has appeared on 30 Rock and Broad town and is the main star on this President Show.

The response that sums up what we tend to all think about this nasty show on TV was Eric Vancura. He or she wrote: “She needs to learn respect for the President and her elders. Children lately don’t have any respect. Starts with the oldsters.”

We need to fight this attack. The media has stooped to a brand new low. Get this out there straight away, patriots! We need to stand with Trump. The Democrats are mistreatmenting kids to attack Trump.


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