OMG! NASCAR Suspends Dale Earnhardt Jr. After Attack On President Trump (UPDATE)

As NASCAR stood with the President while he faced down attacks from the NFL and the loony Left, one driver decided to throw his patriotism in the garbage can and tweet in support of black football players protesting the National Anthem.

NASCAR team owner didn’t skip onto the track with his people arm-in-arm and kneel while the crowd showed respect for our country. Instead, he announced that if you don’t stand for the anthem he’ll “get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over.” President Trump even praised the racing league for properly showing how much they love America:

Earnhardt may have ridden his legitimately talented daddy’s coattails to stardom, but he just learned that even he isn’t exempt from the sport’s stand on the Anthem. NASCAR Commissioner John Middlebrook told Earnhardt to “get lost.” From Fox Sports:

Middlebrook says that Earnhardt’s tweet “crossed the line” and that the “millions of patriotic Americans” who watch the sport deserve to see that NASCAR believes in America when other professions don’t.

“Effective immediately, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is suspended. His suspension will be lifted after two games if he agrees to stand for the National Anthem and apologizes to President Trump for his attacks,” he said. “NASCAR is not a place for politics.”

Earnhardt will also be fined $3.1 million for disrespecting his country by supporting attacks on its flag and anthem.

“Our fans stand and respect the flag,” Middlebrook says. “Why shouldn’t he?”

Perhaps, Earnhardt will use this time to re-educate himself on how to think about the country that has done so much for him.

Do you support this decision ? Do you watch NASCAR and do you think that the sport have to be mixed with the politics ? Do you have any other opinion that could be a better solution ? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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