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BREAKING: NFL Player BOOTED for Disrespectful National Anthem Protest…

Offensive national anthem protests have become trendy for overpaid athletes, and as a result people are tuning out the NFL. Meanwhile, team owners are starting to realize their brands are being severely damaged by these protesting, ungrateful players. And one team owner has finally taken action. Antonio Cromartie of the Indianapolis Colts has reportedly been cut from […]

WATCH: Hillary Goes Off About Immigrants, And It Was All Caught On Camera

Since Donald Trump was elected president, immigration became one of the most popular topics. For almost a year, he has made some moves regarding the people who are entering the country illegally. Hillary Clinton made a statement regarding these immigrants. On CNN she gave a statement to Christiane Amanpour. She said: “Just because your child […]

BOYCOTT: Kellogg Makes Unbelievable Anti-Trump Move

A recent report reveals a large amount of money that W.K. Kellogg donated to left-wing, pro-socialist organizations with the help of the Clintons and George Soros. The report was conducted by Capital Research (CR). CR is a right-wing watchdog group that keeps an eye on non-profit organizations. They reveal a rather long history of leftism […]

After Hollywood Used The Emmys to Bash Trump, WATCH Mark Steyn Expose Their WORST Nightmare

Not surprisingly, last night liberal Hollywood elites turned the Emmys into an hours long bashing of President Trump.  Perhaps the worst part is that these Hollywood elites actually tried to portray themselves as helpless victims of “President Trump’s America.” That’s right.  These privileged, millionaire celebrities actually tried to make ordinary, struggling Americans believe that they’re the ones […]