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OMG! Key Witness Drops Bomb, Roy Moore saved His Head

After the released testimony, Monday night by Republican Judge Roy Moore proves that Attorney Gloria Allred, accuser Beverly Nelson, and the national media were lying all the time about allegations against him. A published report on Monday clearly shows that these accuses were not telling the truth. Attorney Gloria Allred was lying and so was […]

Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if CNN is Under Investigation, What She Said Next Made Him SHIVER

CNN’s Jim Acosta just asked Sarah Huckabee-Sanders about President Trump’s recommendation that the Senate Intelligence committee investigate CNN and other mainstream news outlets. “Does he value the First Amendment as much as he values the Second Amendment?” Acosta asked. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ response made the whole room SHIVER. She pointed out a recent study that found […]

BREAKING: Whoopi To Possibly Be FIRED By ABC After She Did THIS

Whoopi Goldberg, award winning actress, is the current host of ABC’s The View. However, the current season of The View is coming to and end and it might be Whoopi’s last season. To return as a host for the next season Whoopi asked for the impossible. According to the Daily Mail in exchange for Whoopi returning as […]