BREAKING: NFL Player BOOTED for Disrespectful National Anthem Protest…

Offensive national anthem protests have become trendy for overpaid athletes, and as a result people are tuning out the NFL. Meanwhile, team owners are starting to realize their brands are being severely damaged by these protesting, ungrateful players.

And one team owner has finally taken action.

Antonio Cromartie of the Indianapolis Colts has reportedly been cut from the team for kneeling during the national anthem and raising his fist.Image result for FINALLY: NFL Player BOOTED for Disrespectful National Anthem Protest...Many feel that the NFL has done little to combat this disrespect to the flag and military, but certain owners have reportedly told players they will not sit during the anthem. This hasn’t previously cost anyone their job, until now.

Of course, the Colts’ owner is going to take a lot of heat for his decision. But he’s not the only team owner to be outspoken about players using his field to protest.

As we reported yesterday, Jerry Jones–the owner of the Dallas Cowboys–spoke out firmly against players protesting on the field. “I just feel so strongly that the act of recognizing the flag is a salute to our country and all of the people that have sacrificed so that we can have the liberties we have,” Jones said.

Jones has threatened to fire any player that does anything but stand for the National Anthem.Image result for new england patriots kneeling during anthemJones concluded, “There’s no question in my mind. The National Anthem is sacred. Our flag is sacred. We respect that so much.”

Meanwhile, President Trump has echoed that statement and urged Americans to boycott any NFL team that tolerates such blatant disrespect of the United States flag.


God bless Jones and the other team owners who have taken a stand on this! It may not be the “popular” thing to do with the media elite, but Middle America certainly appreciates that someone is finally standing up for our vets!

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